Integrity-S Limited
Licence №АFSA-A-LA-2021-0036
Astana International Financial Centre
About Us
We bring your ideas to life
Integrity-S Limited is a boutique firm that specializes on specific compliance regulatory and AML services, which can support and protect your business by working in partnership with you to provide objective, tailored and effective compliance solutions.
By combining our international and regional experience, we offer a variety of Compliance, AML and Governance support and outsourcing services to companies in the AIFC and Kazakhstan. Our values of integrity, objectivity and competence will ensure that your compliance needs are always met.

Licence №АFSA-A-LA-2021-0036
Astana International Financial Centre
Our Services
We help establish a tailored compliance management framework for the prevention of your business to be exposed to the non-compliance risks with laws and regulations.
Outsourced functions
We can provide you with dedicated professionals with the relevant experience and expertise to meet your compliance needs:
  • Compliance Officer ("CO")
  • Money Laundering Reporting Officer ("MLRO")
Policies, Procedures, Codes of Conduct
We can provide tailored compliance manuals, policies and procedures and update your existing documents to reflect any changes in applicable laws, regulations or industry best practice:
  • Regulatory Compliance Procedures
  • AML Policies & Procedures
  • Risk Management Procedures
AML Assurance Reviews and Audits
We can provide you with the robust quality assurance that you are satisfying your AML obligations to:
  • ensure that your clients are/have been onboarded and clients' transactions are/have been analysed in compliance with the AML requirements,
  • obtain assurance that your AML, CTF and Sanctions control framework is effective in managing ML/TF risks that your business can be exposed to,
  • attain an independent view as to the adequacy of your anti-financial crime risk framework,
  • conduct an obligatory AML Audit of your systems and controls (our experts hold local and international certificates, including CAMS and CAMS Audit to satisfy your and regulator's assessment requirements).
Assurance of regulatory compliance
We can provide you with advice and assurance to help you satisfy your regulatory obligations:
  • independent assurance of regulatory compliance,
  • advice and assistance with regulatory relations and in meeting regulatory standards and expectations,
  • advice and assistance with getting your business authorised by a regulator,
  • advice and assistance with getting your business started in compliance with corporate, tax and employment requirements and commercial banks' expectations.

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12/1 Kunayev street, Block 5B, 3rd floor, Astana city, Kazakhstan
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